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Research and Education Committee

Committee Purpose

The purpose of the IM4US Research and Education Committee is to promote, advance, and engage in research and education in integrative medicine/health for underserved populations and communities by supporting IM4US members with cutting edge tools, resources, and opportunities for collaboration.

Committee Description

The Research and Education committee is made up of students, educators, researchers and practitioners. We explore and curate educational opportunities, share inclusive pragmatic whole person research that reflects real-world practice. We create forums and provide resources and experiences to advance the committee’s purpose. 

…an evidence-based researcher-practitioner collaboration? Partnership? Evidence-based integration of research and practice? Bringing together people and institutions currently working in isolation?

Committee Goals

  • Increase member collaboration in research
  • Promote research literacy 
  • Curate resources for IM4US toolkit
  • Foster awareness of available education and research opportunities

Current Committee Projects

  • Quarterly Virtual Journal Roundtables with Featured Speakers beginning January 10, 2023

  • Research Mentorship

  • IM4US Toolkit

  • Research Resources

  • Education Resources

  • Late breaking initiatives prioritized by the REC

Call for Volunteers!

Have you considered volunteering for IM4US? Whether you are new to IM4US or a seasoned member, the Research and Education Committee is looking for volunteers. When you share your time and talent as a volunteer, you build relationships with like-minded professionals, contribute to your profession, and help advance the mission of Integrative Medicine for the Underserved. The Research and Education Committee meets monthly, every 2nd Tuesday, 6:00-7:00p m ET.

All IM4US Members are welcome to join us the REC! Maximize your IM4US member benefits today. Click here to join us. Remember to log into your IM4US member profile to join the REC.



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