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2012 Conference Presentations

IM4Us 2012 Schedule for handouts

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Group Visit Preconference PDF-Jeffrey Geller, MD, Connie Basch, MD
Worksheet and timeline - borrowing liberally from multiple sources

Self-Care Preconference PDF -Ben Brown, MD and Rachel Friedman, MD

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Art of Motivating Health Behavior Change PDF- Steven Berg-Smith, MS, CWP

Centering Pregnancy and Centering Parenting; Group care for Empowerment PDF -Laura Wise, MD MPH and Jane Ann Fontenot CNM

Breakout Sessions 1

-The ECO Project: Ending Childhood Obesity with Community-Based Nutrition Education PDF- Julie Briley, ND

-Centering Chronic Pelvic Pain: a model for providing care for underserved women PDF-Priscilla Abercrombie, NP, PhD

-Whole Person Support for People Experiencing Homelessness/COTS PDF- John Records, JD

-Interactive Case Review Technique in Integrative Medicine PDF - Tania Neubauer ND LMT

-Hypnosis for the Treatment of Stress Related Illness PDF - Jeff Geller, MD

-Preventing Burnout: Tools from Naturopathic Medicine PDF- Aumatma Shah, ND

Breakout Sessions 2

-Uncovering Resiliency: Effective Trauma Healing for Body and Soul - PDF Alicia Cohen, MD and Lucia Roncalli, MD

-Energy Medicine 4US: Tools for Self Care for Patients and Staff in a CHC Setting Doc - Barbara Towner, MD

-Beyond NSAIDs and Muscle Relaxants: High Yield Exercises for Neck and Back Pain IM4US-Beyond NSAIDs Presentation - Alexis Zaphiris, MDoutline Counterstrain Technique-handout

-An Integrated Approach to Group Care for Young Adults with Diabetes - PDF Slides Laura Wise, MD; Gillian Fynn, LCSW; Ariana Jostad-Laswell

-Medical Nonprofit Essentials: Lessons from the Field PDFPDF - Tabatha Parker, ND

-Foraging for the Underserved: Wild Medicine and Food of Northern California and Beyond PDF -Fasih Hameed, MD

Medical Herbalism and Clinical Nutrition in the Integrative Clinic PDF- Paul Bergner

Integrative Clinic Models Panel PDF

Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Federal Framework for the Transformation of Health Care: Opportunities for IM for All PDF- Herb Schultz, Regional Director HHS

Integrating Natural Health Care into the Safety Net, Making Friends with CHCs PDF- Jill Sanders, ND

5 Minute Administrative Pearls Administrative Pearls
Interprofessional Case Study Case history Interprofessional case review slides Interprofessional Panel

Saturday Lunch- The Well Community Project: Discussion about the future of integrative health care, with Wayne Jonas, MD Docx


-Herbal Medicine in the Kitchen Cabinet – Making Herbal Medicine with Patients: -Paula Gardiner, MD

-Examining Disparities in CAM Use through Practice-based Research in Community Acupuncture Clinics PDF- Kim Tippens, ND MSAOM and Maria Chao, MPA

-Making Alternative Providers a Part of the Healthcare Team PDF - Gary Pace, MD

-The Treatment Pyramid: a model for teaching and understanding integrative medicine PDF - Ben Brown, MD

-Green Spaces: Multiple Health Benefits for Underserved Populations - Kurt Beil, ND, MSOM, MPH PDF

-Empowerment of the Underserved Communities: a paradigm shift -Karen Burt, MD Empowering the Community Outline Notes from Workshop

Healthy Food, Healthy Communities: Transforming the Food Landscape PDF - Jen Matthews, MD
USDA Food Security website

5 Minute Clinical Pearls
Clinical Pearls Headache
Clinical Pearls Diabesity
Clinical Pearls Anxiety
Clinical pearls drug-supplement pairings
Clinical Pearls on GERD
Herbal Approaches to Diabetes
Pearls from MindBodySpirit Medicine